Schneider® Epsilon Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pens
Schneider® Epsilon Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pens

Schneider® Epsilon Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pens

Schneider® Epsilon Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pens
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Epsilon Touch
· Stylus-ballpoint pen to operate on tablets and smart phones
· Avoids ugly fingerprints on displays
· Works even with most gloves
· Replaceable giant refill Slider 755 XB with wear-resistant stainless steel tip
· Writing colour blue
· Waterproof ink according to ink standard ISO 12757-2
· Viscoglide® technology for easy, gliding writing
· Replaceable with any of the other Plug+Play refills
· Particularly striking is the partially recessed metal clip
· Barrel in attractive two colour combinations

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pen type: ballpoint pen with stylus
standard ink refill: Schneider® Slider 755 XB blue ink is standard
BP refill: any Parker® style BP or Gel refills [G2 format]
BP refills recommended: Schneider® Express 735, Schneider® Slider 755 XB or medium, Softroll® fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Schmidt® P900, Parker® BP refills, SZ Leqi® fits Parker®, Parker® QuinkFlow
"Plug & Play" refill capable: will also take Schneider® Express 735, Express 740, Express 775 as well as Slider 757
each pen is: individually boxed
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White/Silver; Black/Gold; White/Blue; Black/Pink all in stock
All other colors/quantities are special order items so allow 2-3 weeks to receive once order is placed. Subject to availability.
Not all colors noted on photo are available in the USA.
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