Demeter Fountain Pen Series by Bexley®
Demeter Fountain Pen Series by Bexley®

Demeter Fountain Pen Series by Bexley®

Demeter Fountain Pen Series by Bexley®
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We are pleased to announce and introduce our latest release of Fountain Pens, the Demeter Collection. Demeter? Who is Demeter? One of the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses. Demeter is associated with fertility and the harvest. As one of the 12 Olympian Gods/Goddesses during this summer Olympic season, it is only fitting that several of these four pens bear colored rings associated with the 5 Olympic Rings. Only Green and Black are missing...... for now?
These full sized cartridge converter filling pens are available in Black with Red rings, Orange with Blue rings, Blue Marble with Orange rings, and a Green/Brown earthy marbled color with Yellow rings. Your choice of Fine, Medium or Broad two-tone stainless steel Bexley nib.
Each full sized pen is 5 5/16 inches long when closed. It will post if desired on the bottom screw, however, with the extra long three plus inch barrel, the pen feels fine without a posted cap, unless you prefer this.
nib: two-tone stainless steel; fine, medium or broad
ink supply: ink cartridges or ink converter [converter is NOT included]
FP ink cartridges recommended: Schneider® 600 ink cartridges, MonteVerde ink cartridges® , Private Reserve Ink® cartridges
FP bottled ink recommended: De Atramentis®, Organics Studio,Noodler's Ink®, Pelikan®, Private Reserve Ink®, Sheaffer® Skrip®,Waterman®
comes in a: Bexley gift box
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