Mirage Retractable Cartridge Pen by Osprey Pens®
Mirage Retractable Cartridge Pen by Osprey Pens®

Mirage Retractable Cartridge Pen by Osprey Pens®

Mirage Retractable Cartridge Pen by Osprey Pens®
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The Osprey Mirage is a retractable cartridge/mini international converter filled pen. The retracting mechanism is useful as it protects the nib when the section is retracted. The retraction mechanism also prevents the pen from drying out. The pen can be capped in the extended position without damaging the nib.
The Mirage retractable pen is an inexpensive and fun writing instrument. Although not a true safety pen, this writing instrument is great for showing and teaching people about safety/vintage pens. It is a lot of fun to have a pen that has a retracting nib and this fountain pen makes a great gift for anyone (especially if they are not familiar with traditional fountain pens).One can use any of the major pre-filled ink cartridges available to the public (including Platinum carbon ink or Sheaffer) or you can even use your bottled ink of choice with our Osprey CFT (Conformal ink/fuel tank).
    Nib: Size 5/ 5.5
    Weight: 14g
    Feed: Plastic
    Ink-catridge or Mini converter capable
    Sheaffer Ink cartridge provided

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nib: retractable
ink supply: international ink cartridges
measurements: length closed: 12.5 cm; posted: ~13.6 mm; weight: 14 mg
FP ink cartridges recommended from: Schneider® 600 ink cartridges, Quink ink cartridges by Parker®; ink cartridges from MonteVerde, Private Reserve Ink international ink cartridges
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