Acme® "China Market" Rollerball design by Daniel Pelavini
Acme® "China Market" Rollerball design by Daniel Pelavini

Acme® "China Market" Rollerball design by Daniel Pelavini

Acme® "China Market" Rollerball design by Daniel Pelavini
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DANIEL PELAVIN is in his 4th decade of transforming and melding the images and cultural ephemera of our times into cogent and compelling messages for publishing, advertising and communication design. Working his way up through the ranks in the legendary art studios of Detroit, in the halcyon days of the early 1970’s. Pelavin apprenticed and worked with artists from the entire gamut of graphic arts professionals, including, decorative, fashion, product and technical illustrators as well as letterers, typographers and designers. Following the completion of a master of fine arts degree, he spent time teaching college courses in design, lettering and illustration before moving to NYC in hopes of pursuing his career in art. More than 30 years later, he has honed and polished his craft to become a celebrated illustrator and typographic designer with national and international clients, A lifelong interest and fascination with dimensional forms and tactile experience has taken him beyond the realm of the graphic page into the world of 3D modeling and rendering with aspirations to create, not merely images but, objects, products and devices whose usefulness is enhanced and extended by the eloquence of their design and construction.
length: closed: 5 1/4 "; posted: 5 3/4"; diam.: 1/2"
weight: 1.6 oz
RB refills recommended: Schneider® Topball 850 05, Schmidt® 888/5888/5285, Hauser® 707sf/777sf, Quill® 9550/9552
Fineliner refills recommended by: MonteVerde® Fineliner Ink Refill while supplies last
will take felt tip refill: item #PREF5020FTR by Acme
to convert to use with your touch screen devices: purchase Capacity Tip Front #PPBS-05 by Acme®
to convert to a ballpoint ink: purchase item #PREFP900BP by Acme® [Schmidt® MINE 2010 style]
to convert to a fountain pen: purchase item #P_NS by Acme
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