Signum® Italia Pens from Italy
About Signum® Italia

About Signum® Italia

The trade mark “Signum” was founded in 1979 by brothers Antonio and Fausto Guidolin, owners of Essegi. The company is situated in Bassano Del Grappa, a small beautiful town located just below Monte Grappa and closed to Brenta river.
Moved form a passion for artisan work and sure of their specific knowhow, brothers Guidolin decided that they should have produced only the best.
Logo “signum” perfectly represent their devotion to quality and the willing to produce only top level products. Signum is a wheel obtained by investment casting, this wheel remembers the ones used in roman chariot and makes every pens’ cap precious and unique.
Essegi decided to use the brand “signum” only for their top level product. Signum is a latin word which means line. This line refers to the trace left by roman chariot in its route. Because of this Guidolin brothers thought the word “Signum” could perfectly represent the meaning that they would like to give to their products: the path of the writing from antiquity to today and that will continue in the future.
The passion and devotion of each member of Guidolin family has been a key factor in the success of their products.
They cooperate every day in each step of production process: from design to production in order to obtain excellent pens. 
This is an art of cooperation typical of artisan familiar company.
Signum offers a wide range of writing products: fountain pens, roller pens, ballpoint pens and pencils. Every item can be realized in silver 925 or with particular well-rounded resins obtained from full bars worked with numerical control lathe.
On silver pens is engraved the precious metallic producer identification mark: 1776 VI.
Signum pens are completely designed and produced from high level staff inside company ESSEGI.
Signum pens can leave the company only after a meticulous manual polishing and a scrupulous quality control. For this reason who use Signum pens is sure that he is using a high quality product which is both elegant and reliable.
Each Signum pen is packed in elegant case.
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