Neponset Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with Music Nib by Noodler's Ink®
Neponset Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with Music Nib by Noodler's Ink®

Neponset Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with Music Nib by Noodler's Ink®

Neponset Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with Music Nib by Noodler's Ink®
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The Neponset is a glimpse back in time to an era of legacy’s and war heroes.
The New England Airship company, later renamed the Dartmouth Airship Co., the first of its kind in the United States, had a new CEO during a challenging time for our country. The year was 1929. During the year of 1929 Nathan’s grandfather became CEO and one year later christened a new airship named the Neponset.
Another Massachusetts company, Noodlers Ink, has christened its largest pen the Neponset. The shape of the Neponset pen is similar to the dirigible and is constructed of the original fountain pen material ebonite, which was vulcanized in 1844 by Charles Goodyear in Massachusetts who’s company built the Neponset airship.
The Neponset is fitted with a three tine music nib, the“Vishnu Victory”
may-Black-and-Green-Nibs-on-Wood “Vishnu Victory” is in honor of the 2.5 million World War II allied soldiers of India as well as the reference to the source for the ebonite used in the pen and the original Neponset Blimp.
The pen weighs only 0.8 ounces fully inked and is perfectly balanced for any size hand. The length is generous, yet not overwhelming, only 6 inches.
The 3 tine music nibs has a velvety pen stroke with the ability to greatly vary the line width to the users liking. The ink flow is consistent and generous from the single channel ebonite feed.  The Neponset comes with a piston fill mechanism.

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nib: music nib; three tine nib; steel
ink system: piston-fill mechanism
for those of you not familiar with how to fill a piston-fill FP: includes instructions on how to fill
length: 6"
FP ink recommended: De Atramentis®, Noodler's Ink®, Parker®, Pelikan®, Private Reserve Ink®, Sheaffer® Skrip®,Waterman®
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