Clear Demo Konrad Flex Nib Fountain Pen by Noodler's Ink® [piston fill]
Clear Demo Konrad Flex Nib Fountain Pen by Noodler's Ink® [piston fill]

Clear Demo Konrad Flex Nib Fountain Pen by Noodler's Ink® [piston fill]

Clear Demo Konrad Flex Nib Fountain Pen by Noodler's Ink® [piston fill]
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The Noodler's Konrad Flex fountain pen has a flexible nib that can lay down standard lines or wetter artistic lines, which makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced fountain pen users. It is a piston-filling pen inspired by the state-of-the-art piston mechanisms engineered in Germany during the postwar period, when Germany was led by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The pen sports a classic 1950s style, with the simple body accented by the shiny clip and cap band. The feed and nib are original Noodler's designs. Unlike plastic feeds, the Konrad's hand-made ebonite feed can be heat-set to fit a multitude of vintage and contemporary nibs, and a seasoned user can adjust flow to suit his personal style. The nib is stainless steel tipped with platinum group metals, and the body is made of a biodegradable celluloid derivative which is warmer to the touch than regular plastic. This versatile pen is affordable and maintenance (for instance, cleaning the pen or replacing the seals) is a cinch. You can easily disassemble and reassemble it on your own and maintenance supplies can be found at a hardware store. Take this eco-friendly, user-friendly pen for a spin and see what you can do with it!
The "Konrad" series has a "screw-piston fill" mechanism and its size is between Nib Creaper and Ahab Flex series.
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nib: flex nib; steel; fine/medium nib size [Classic #2]
ink supply: screw-piston fill; bottled ink
measurements: length closed: ~5 1/2"; posted: 6 3/4"; weight 0.7 oz
FP bottled ink recommended by: De Atramentis®, Noodler's Ink®, Pelikan®, Private Reserve Ink®, Sheaffer® Skrip®,Waterman®
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