X-Feather Black 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

X-Feather Black 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

X-Feather Black 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®
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waterproof/bulletproof black ink.

100% made in the U.S.A...from the cap to the bottle to the ink.

Noodler’s Ink Properties....as per Noodler's Ink Website:
“Bulletproof Ink” is a term that may be a perpetually changing measure. As Noodler’s developed greater durability in its inks, the definition of “bulletproof” evolved to accommodate new durability. When first described in Greg Clark’s “Ink Sampler” magazine many years ago it generally referenced water resistance and some other archival qualities. Later the term evolved to include resistance to an increasing array of industrial solvents and bleaching agents and other tools of the forgers – and severe tests in the Arizona sunlight over many months (as well as heat lamps, ageing ovens, biological attacks in moist conditions – Hurricane Katrina situations for example – among many further tests…)."

In an attempt to keep costs down, Noodler's Ink has opted to use plastic bottles rather than the current glass bottles which have been most difficult to obtain. The most important product, is, of course the ink. You will now be receiving a slightly higher volume of ink with less risk of breakage without any price increase.
The new plastic bottle now will have more than 3 oz of ink!
It is uncertain when Noodler's Ink will resume a glass bottle container.

bottle size: 3 oz glass bottle
Noodler's Ink color sampes url: http://www.noodlersink.com/samples.html
Noodler's Durable Ink Classification: http://www.noodlersink.com/benefits.html
manufactured: 100 % in the U.S.A.
described by Noodler's Ink as: "bulletproof"
all new inventory will be in PLASTIC bottles: a little more than 3 oz per bottle; no price increase!
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