Dark Matter 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®
Dark Matter 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

Dark Matter 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

Dark Matter 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®
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This is a vintage replica inks that exhibit classic period ink behaviors with mild (when compared to our modern bulletproof and eternal inks) water resistance upon the page (particularly after the passage of time, a week or so or more upon the page will increase the ability to resist water). Please bear in mind these are classic style inks and will NOT exhibit the durability of the more modern eternal and bulletproof lines…as none resist the rays of the sun nor many of the chemical tools of the forger. As inks of the era they would have most certainly been classed as being “permanent” by the industry of that time. Government issue v-mail inks would have most closely resembled “Dark Matter”, though the bright colors of the “V-Mail” series replicate inks of the era that had similar labeling themes relating to the conflict that spanned all ocean​s and all continents.

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bottle size: 3 oz glass bottle
bulletproof: waterproof over time
Noodler's Ink color sampes url: http://www.noodlersink.com/samples.html
Noodler's Durable Ink Classification: http://www.noodlersink.com/benefits.html
manufactured: 100% in the U.S.A.
all new inventory will be in PLASTIC bottles: all pens are clear plastic with noted color on pen cap/clip
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