Bad Gator Green 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®
Bad Gator Green 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

Bad Gator Green 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®

Bad Gator Green 3 oz Bottled Ink by Noodler's Ink®
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A waterproof/bulletproof green ink.....

Waterproof/Bulletproof ink. 100% made in the U.S.A...from the cap to the bottle to the ink.
In the classic American country landscape, when one is really bad…one soon finds themselves on a chain gang. It is the first fountain pen ink of its kind and is our attempt at defeating certain new tools of the modern forger. The new devices and their technological application have been made known to us by Nicholas A. Masluk, a gentleman genius from Yale University (with a father who was in the Secret Service no less!)…- such devices and techniques are near perfection in their ability to defeat the strongest roller ball inks on the planet. We consider those rollerball inks our competition in the struggle to make the fountain pen not only more viable and utilitarian than the rollerball and gel-pen….but far more versatile, durable, and above all – when one bothers to do the math….the most practical of all writing instruments on a cost basis alone (which these Goliath like corporate giant competitors facilitate tremendously – as they are disposable, single fill units that waste 100% once the ink runs out!). This is the first in the series of what we hope will evolve and develop into a type of ink that defeats two powerful spectrums of energy used by forgers (we do not list how this is done at the suggestion of a friend in law enforcement – no need to make things easier for the forgers…). This series aims to hinder this new threat to the longevity of the written word – while combining all the durability of our “bulletproof” designation against the forces of UV light, industrial solvents, detergents, etc….but includes additional features made to foil the future possibility that forgers might discover certain additional new technologies and use them to ill ends. This is Noodler’s effort to head off these criminals and scoundrels at the pass….before they have figured out how to conduct such fraud. It is the first proactive effort in ink security technology – instead of being defensive after they have already developed a means of altering ink on a document. Criminals and organized crime are formidable adversaries with vast resources – and we believe every effort to stall, thwart, hinder, and defeat them…is well worth the attempt!
Bad Gator Green will soon be followed by further advanced issues in the series – as it is our hope that the new research will yield the strongest inks in the struggle against forgers ever designed in the history of ink and document security – and at an affordable price (particularly when compared to those wasteful bits of polymer with the steel ball at the end!). We can hinder the forger who might discover the new technology in the future – thus the term “forger resistance” and “hinder” – but will soon eliminate the possibility of their altering the written word to any fractional degree with even the most advanced modern technological devices and applications known to mankind.

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bottle size: 3 oz
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ink characteristics: waterproof/bulletproof
manufactured: 100% in the U.S.A.
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