La Reine Mauve bottled ink by Noodler's Ink®...1 oz bottle [Eternal series]
La Reine Mauve bottled ink by Noodler's Ink®...1 oz bottle [Eternal series]

La Reine Mauve bottled ink by Noodler's Ink®...1 oz bottle [Eternal series]

La Reine Mauve bottled ink by Noodler's Ink®...1 oz bottle [Eternal series]
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Noodler's Ink® presents "Eternal" bottled inks that are permanent, waterproof and "fraud-proof". They are also resistant to bleach and light, thus given the term "bulletproof" by Noodler's Ink®. Presented in 1 oz bottles. As with other eternal inks, it is best NOT to mix it with non-pH neutral inks of any kind....and to avoid inks with any salt content (such as metallic salt based inks). Though durable once dried upon cellulose paper - it is fragile while aqueous (it resists the sun when dried on paper, yet NOT when aqueous in the bottle!) and is also quite vulnerable while aqueous to inks with extremes of pH, divergent dye families & high detergent levels. A pen should thus be rinsed first with a mild solution of household ammonia and cold to room temperature tap water before filling and as needed thereafter (NEVER hot! Hot water can fade ebonite and certain plastics. Also use tap water alone if no ammonia is available.). The tines of the nib should be open sufficiently for a ray of light to clearly pass through them - any tighter and flow will be restricted (this is not a conventional ink nor is it your typical modern ink filled with detergents...detergents would counteract the effects of lubrication and tend to remove lubricants from pen seals - thus they are not used).
Noodler's Ink® has manufactured inks with various properties. Any ink might have or not have the following characteristics: "eternal", "forgery-resistant", "bulletproof", "water-resistant", "florescent", "lubricated" or"freeze resistant". Each term is defined by Noodler's Ink®.
For specific ink properties, we will refer you to the following Noodler's Ink® url:

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bottle size: 1 oz - 30 mL
ink characteristics: permanent, waterproof, "fraud-proof"
Noodler's Ink color samples url:
Noodler's Durable Ink Classifcation:
manufactured: 100% in the U.S.A.
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