Polar Black 3 oz fountain pen bottled ink from Noodler's Ink®  [Eel series]...aka "Eel Polar Black"

Polar Black 3 oz fountain pen bottled ink from Noodler's Ink® [Eel series]...aka "Eel Polar Black"

Polar Black 3 oz fountain pen bottled ink from Noodler's Ink®  [Eel series]...aka "Eel Polar Black"
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Noodler's Ink® has manufactured inks with various properties. Any ink might have or not have the following characteristics: "eternal", "forgery-resistant", "bulletproof", "water-resistant", "florescent", "lubricated" or "freeze resistant". Each term is defined by Noodler's Ink®.

All "Eel" inks are bulletproof/waterproof. "Bulletproof" refers to any Noodler's Ink that resists all the known tools of a forger, UV light, UV light wands, bleaches, alcohols, solvents, petrochemicals, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, carpet stain lifters, and of course...they are also waterproof once permitted to dry upon cellulose paper. Some inks are more bulletproof than others - generally in descending order (most bulletproof with the most testing - to less bulletproof): blacks, blues, yellows, invisible ("blue ghost" and "White Whale"), greens, browns, purples, reds....all are equally bulletproof with one exception: the resistance to strong industrial bleaches to the point where the paper structure itself decomposes. Reds are prone to more fading when exposed to strong bleaches (sometimes fading to a yellow) than the other colors.
For specific ink properties, we will refer you to the following Noodler's Ink® url:
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bottle size: 3 oz glass bottle
ink characteristics: bulletproof/waterproof/freeze resistant
Noodler's Ink color samples url: http://www.noodlersink.com/samples.html
Noodler's Durable Ink Classifcation: http://www.noodlersink.com/benefits.html
manufactured: 100% in the U.S.A.
all new inventory will be in PLASTIC bottles: a little more than 3 oz per bottle; no price increase!
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