Skribent Gold Black Ballpoint Pen by Cleo Skribent®
Skribent Gold Black Ballpoint Pen by Cleo Skribent®

Skribent Gold Black Ballpoint Pen by Cleo Skribent®

Skribent Gold Black Ballpoint Pen by Cleo Skribent®
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AS GOOD AS GOLD. Gold is one of the most valuable and beautiful materials in the world. This is why we have dedicated one of our fine writing instruments to this precious metal. The Cleo Skribent  Gold. With its classic charm, it is suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions. The cap alone is a tiny work of art. The perfect transition from the round shape to the square cap end will impress you as much as the fine gold-plated clip, which is shaped like a decorative clasp. Together with the gold-plated trim, the Cleo Skribent Gold is as good as gold

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lead size: 0.7mm
BP refill: any Parker® style BP or Gel refills [G2 format]
Best fitting BP refills: Schmidt®-style 8900 Super Bowl refill from Private Reserve Ink®; 9000 Easy Flow from Private Reserve Ink®; 9000 Easy Flow OEM refill
recommended BP refills: Schneider® Express 735, Softroll® fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Schmidt® P900, Parker® BP refills, SZ Leqi® fits Parker®, Parker® QuinkFlow
Gel refills recommended: Capless Gel fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Parker®-style P900 Gel refill by Private Reserve Ink®, Parker® gel refills
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