Pelikan® Stola III Ballpoint Pen
Pelikan® Stola III Ballpoint Pen

Pelikan® Stola III Ballpoint Pen

Pelikan® Stola III Ballpoint Pen
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The Pelikan Stola III collection is sure to be a hit with both Pelikan lovers and beginners alike.
Pelikan is known for its high quality materials, manufacture, nibs and value.  
The Pelikan Stola III is a brass-barreled pen, coated in a lacquered silver material, which has a shimmering shine quality to it.  The cap is made out of high quality aluminum with a Pelikan beak clip and Pelikan symbol on the top of the cap. The Stola III collection has the same quality attributes of the M200, M205 and Pura pen collections for under $50.00 making it an affordable alternative.
These radiant pens will be an absolute best buy at under $50.00.  available in before the holidays.  Like all Pelikan pens, Pen Chalet is offering the Stolla III pen collection at 20% of its full retail price, which will make these pens an absolute steal. Available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen
BP refill: any Parker® style BP or Gel refills [G2 format]
Standard BP refill: Pelikan® 337 ballpoint refill
BP refills recommended: Schneider® Express 735, Softroll® fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Schmidt® P900, Parker® BP refills, SZ Leqi® fits Parker®, Parker® QuinkFlow
Gel refills recommended: Capless Gel fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Parker®-style P900 Gel refill by Private Reserve Ink®, Premec® G2 Jumbo gel refills
Pressurized BP refills recommended: Schmidt® of Germany/Private Reserve Ink®
gift box: silver gift box
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