MonteVerde® USA Ink with ITF Technology 30 ml-Coal Noir
MonteVerde® USA Ink with ITF Technology 30 ml-Coal Noir

MonteVerde® USA Ink with ITF Technology 30 ml-Coal Noir

MonteVerde® USA Ink with ITF Technology 30 ml-Coal Noir
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Part of the "Noir" series....

New from Monteverde USA: The Noir Ink Collection. Inspired by the renowned blue/black ink combination, the Noir Collection expands on the idea of vibrant ink colors blended with black ink, creating a mixture of mysterious, bold and expressive fountain pen inks. Rich with moody neutrals and edgy hues, each Noir color combination suggests a certain weight, dignity, and formality to your words. Express your brightest and deepest thoughts with this new line of powerful fountain pen inks. 

Introducing the new ITF bottled ink series...
Monteverde ink has always been widely recognized as wonderful fountain pen ink, utilizing its trademarked ITF technology (ink treatment formula), which improves ink flow, lubricates the fountain pen feeding system, improves ink dry time and allows for extended cap-off time while using your fountain pen. A great selection of colors is available. Now offered in a new smaller 30 ml. glass bottle, which retails for $8.00, allowing for an inexpensive “trial” of one of these new fountain pen ink colors. Monteverde continues their ink revolutions by also introducing two permanent or “document” inks in blue and black, which allows for those who need a permanent ink for use in their business, work or other purposes.

    ITF (Ink Treatment Formula) drastically improves ink-flow and cap-off time
    Lubricates and protects your pen's ink feeding system from corrosion and clogging
    Suitable for all fountain pens
    Available in a variety of vibrant colors

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bottle size: 30 mL glass bottle
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