Pinnacle Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen Series by Taccia®
Pinnacle Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen Series by Taccia®

Pinnacle Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen Series by Taccia®

Pinnacle Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen Series by Taccia®
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The Pinnacle Collection represents Taccia engineering at its finest featuring industrial design in anodized aluminum, with colors inspired by mountain peaks and the ever-changing hues of the sky. Taccia sought to create a sleek and sturdy pen, fit for both everyday use and for the executive traveler, and with the Pinnacle, they have succeeded. Strong lines anchor the body, providing style and a functional grip. For the cap, their machined spring-loaded clip anchors the design, along with a pure surface and comfort-fit head, perfectly matched to post on the body. Available in both fountain pen and ball pen, each Pinnacle fountain pen comes fitted with Taccia*s precision Japanese nibs, and each Pinnacle ball pen accepts standard refills. The Fountain Pen is enhanced with a smooth stainless steel nib, available in M, F, B, and Music widths. Cartridge/converter fill with the converter included. 

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nib: stainless steel; fine, medium, broad or music nib
ink supply: ink converter or standard ink cartridges
FP bottle ink recommended: DeAtraments, Private Reserve Ink, Noodlers Ink, Organics Studio, Pelikan, Waterman,
FP ink cartridges recommended: Schneider 600, MonteVerde, Private Reserve Ink
measurements: length closed: 5.5"; posted:6.25"; wt: 0.9 oz
gift box: included
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