Sheaffer® 300 Rollerball Pens
Sheaffer® 300 Rollerball Pens

Sheaffer® 300 Rollerball Pens

Sheaffer® 300 Rollerball Pens
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The Sheaffer® 300 Series offers a choice of ranges to please every taste and suit every occasion. The Sheaffer® 300 series is now available in four new finishes; Glossy Black with Chrome Trim, Chrome Cap and Glossy Black Barrel with Chrome Trim, Iridescent Red with Chrome Trim, and Iridescent Blue with Chrome Trim. Each finish offers a sleek modern design, the ideal accessory for the office, in your Day-Timer or with your PDA. All finishes are available as a Ballpoint and Pencil Set or as a Ballpoint. Due to popular demand, we now offer Fountain Pen and Roller ball modes in all finishes. All come packaged in a luxurious Sheaffer Gift Box. The Sheaffer® 300 series features a cigar-shaped profile that is balanced and comfortable to hold. The ballpoint and pencil models offer a smooth twist-action mechanism and provide a firm, controlled writing experience. The ballpoint includes a refill for extra-long write out, while the 0.7mm pencil features a protective tip to guard against lead breakage. The fountain pen gives you effortless, elegant writing and can be refilled with a twist-action piston converter or Skrip® ink cartridge. The roller ball glides across the page with ease and comes with a Classic refill. All instruments feature the Sheaffer signature wide band and White Dot® symbol of quality. LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY

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length: closed: 5 1/2"; posted: 6 1/2"
weight: 1.4 oz without refill
standard refill: Sheaffer Slim RB refill
RB will also take: Schneider® Topball 850 05, Schmidt® 888/5888/5285, Hauser® 707sf/777sf, Quill® 9550/9552
as well as: Caran d'Ache® RB refill,Pelikan® 338
Fineliner/FL refills recommended by: MonteVerde® fineliner refills; Sheaffer® Fine Liner refills
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In stock 300 RB: ONE Black...last one!
If not in stock, all other quantities are special order items so allow 2-3 weeks to receive once order is placed. Subject to availability.