A BEST BUY! Schneider® Topball 850 Box of 10 Rollerball Refills
A BEST BUY! Schneider® Topball 850 Box of 10 Rollerball Refills

A BEST BUY! Schneider® Topball 850 Box of 10 Rollerball Refills

A BEST BUY! Schneider® Topball 850 Box of 10 Rollerball Refills
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This rollerball refill will not dry out when left uncapped. It is a "universal" refill that fits Quantum, Premier, Perraz & most other rollerballs. This refill provides a line of 0.5mm of ink [the "05" in 850 05]. One box contains ten [10] refills...price shown is price per box. These are capless refills and the ink will not dry out with the refill cap on so storage time should be good. Cap-off ink. This is our #1 refill seller....our products do NOT sit on the shelf and get dusty! These fly off the shelves. You get the "freshest" refills possible. Described as a "European size rollerball refill".

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point size: 0.5 mm line of ink described by Schneider as a "medium" line
length: 11 mm
packaged: 10 Topball 850 05 refills per box
refill for: 90% of rollerballs
specific refill: "universal" for many RB brands; described as "European size rollerball refills
Will fit: Schneider® Xtra Change, Schneider® 811, Schneider® Topliner 911
will also fit: most Acme® rollerball pens; Rotring® RB pens, Cutter & Buck® RB pens
fits: Waterman® RB pens that take "universal" size RB refills
will fit any Sheaffer RB series that takes: Sheaffer® Slim RB refills
DOES NOT FIT: Parker® RB pens
Cap-Off Ink: pen can lie open for 2-3 days without drying up
ISO 14145-2 light resistant; NOT waterproof; NOT document use
manufactured in: Germany
Features Benefits
Schneider® Topball 850 is a "universal" rollerball refill that will most rollerball pens. Fits the following and others:Bexley®, Bossert & Erhard®, Caran d'Ache®, Colebri®, Conklin®, Conway Stewart®,Acme®, Aurora®
as well as Pelikan® Pharo & Technixx series [or any other Pelikan® that takes its own 338 RB refill],Cristian Sorrel® rollerballs, Quantum by Stride, Quill® 700 & Quill® 900,Perraz Stylos® RB such as Pythagoras, Optima, Sorrento
other lines such as: Delta®, Jac Zagoory Designs®, Jean-Pierrre Lepine®, Giovine®,Marlin®, Montifiore®, Montegrappa®, Online® Vision RB, Retro 1951®, Recife®, Taccia®, Waterford® [some RB lines], Yafa® Imperial and others....
recently confirmed will fit: Retro 51® RB, Sheaffer® 100 RB series; Sheaffer® 300 RB series; Sheaffer® VFM RB series
Above is just an EXAMPLE of pens that take this refill.....fits about 80% of RB pens that take a "universal" refill
Should your refill appear to be "defective" in any way, that refill[s] must be returned to Passion4Pens.com,Inc for [1] replacement and [2] evaluation by Schneider for quality control. See "Return Policy" on FAQ page.