Victory Fountain Pen Series by Conklin
Victory Fountain Pen Series by Conklin

Victory Fountain Pen Series by Conklin

Victory Fountain Pen Series by Conklin
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Conklin Pen Company, which originated in 1898, has just re-introduced the Stylograph collection in 2017 and now has re-introduced and released a new pen, the Conklin Victory Collection. “V” stands for not only Victory but Value with this newest Conklin pen collection.
The Victory Pen collection is a solid brass barrel pen, lacquered multiple times in 3 color varieties, blue, dark red and orange. The lacquered process allows each pen to become absolutely unique. The Conklin pen collection comes in both a fountain pen option and a matching ballpoint pen. The Conklin Victory ballpoint pen uses a standard Parker style refill where the fountain pen is fitted with a stainless steel nib and has a standard converter/cartridge fill system. The Conklin Victory fountain pen is available in nib sizes from extra fine, fine, medium, broad and a 1.1 stub nib.
The Conklin Victory, with its brass barrel and cap, make for a heavy weighted pen, rather than a light acrylic pen and can be posted and maintain a good balance for everyday writing. The fountain pen cap snaps onto the barrel, rather than a screwed on cap, but has that distinctive snap sound letting you know your fountain pen has been securely closed.

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nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 stub or omniflex
nib: stainless steel
ink supply: converter[included] or ink cartridges
FP bottled ink recommended: De Atramentis�, Noodler's Ink�, Parker�, Pelikan�, Private Reserve Ink�, Sheaffer� Skrip�,Waterman�
FP ink cartridges recommended: Schneider 600FP, MonteVerde ink cartridges, CDA Chromatic ink cartridges
gift box: included
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