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Quantum Rollerball Pens by Stride®rollerball pen
A BEST BUY! Schneider® Topball 850 05 Rollerball Refill - box of 10....$9.95 per box!rollerball refill
Schneider® Topball 850 05 Rollerball Refills - individual refills @ $1.65 eachrollerball refills
Topball 811 Refillable 0.5 mm Rollerball Pen by Schneider®...discontinued seriesrollerball pen
Xtra 805 Rollerball Pen [0.5mm] by Schneider®disposable rollerball pen with 0.5 mm line
Xtra 823 Rollerball Pen by Schneider® - 0.3mm linedisposable rollerball pen with 0.3 mm line
Xtra Document 0.3 mm Disposable Rollerball Pen by Schneider®! Liquid Ink®: REDUCED $$! "For Documents"disposable rollerball pen..0.3 mm line
Xtra Document 0.6 mm Disposable Rollerball Pen by Schneider® ...Liquid Ink, "For Documents", REDUCED $$disposable rollerball pen with 0.6 mm line
Xtra Change Red Refillable Rollerball Pens by Schneider®.....Liquid Ink®-ink-system/discontinued seriesrefillable rollerball pens
Xtra Hybrid 0.3 mm Rollerball Pens by Schneider®disposable rollerball pen 0.3 mm line width
Xtra Hybrid 0.5 mm Rollerball Pens by Schneider®disposable rollerball pens 0.5mm 
Topball 845 Rollerball [0.3 mm & 0.5 mm line] by Schneider®.....SALE on remaining stock!disposable rollerball pen with 0.3 mm line
Topball 847 Rollerball Pen [0.5 mm line] by Schneider®...end of the line sale! disposable rollerball pen with 0.5 mm line
Topball 857 Rollerball Pen [0.6 mm line] by Schneider®....BLOWOUT PRICES!disposable rollerball pen with 0.6 mm line
Topliner 911 Refillable Fineliner [0.4 mm] with interchangeable refill by Schneider®....closeout sale!refillable fineliner or rollerball pen
Topliner 967 Fineliner Pen [0.4 mm line] by Schneider®...discontinued seriesdisposable fineliner pen
Base Fountain Pen by Schneider®fountain pen
Base Up Cartridge Rollerball Pen by Schneider®...end of the line special pricing!Cartridge rollerball pen
Pulse Ballpoint Pens by Schneider®....dramatically discounted!ballpoint pen
Pulse Pro Ballpoint Pens by Schneider® release!ballpoint pen
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Archival ink definition:

Archival ink definition:

According to Schneider® sources, all of their refills or pen that contain refills that are noted to be "For Documents" are archival quality. This means that the ink is of low acidity and contain very fine pigments or solids. These pigments do not fade for 25 years as tested by accelerated aging test under wavelength UV light.
Ordered Items & International Orders:

Ordered Items & International Orders:

Most of the popular Schneider® products are available for shipment within 24 hours of your order. However, there may be some delay in items that must be ordered or are on current back-order. If any questions or concerns about this, please contact BEFORE you order to discuss. Phone number is 1-708-337-0472. Look for other great pens and pen products on our website! 
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:,Inc. welcomes our international friends: 
Orders from all countries need to be sent to: These orders will need to paid via PayPal due to credit card processor restrictions.
Shipping & Handling charges will be based upon [1] order weight, [2] desired shipping method, i.e. Regular US Air Mail, Priority International Air Mail or the like and [3] need for insurance coverage. You will make that decision.

You are, of course, responsible for any Customs/Duty Fees as charged by your home country.

If you do not yet have an account with PayPal, please go to to get yours OR you may pay via credit card to PayPal. Once PayPal confirms receipt of payment, orders are promptly shipped. 
Please send your order to us via email: We will then send you an invoice via PayPal. 
All orders will then ship once payment is confirmed by PayPal. 
Also take note that no special order items will be requested from the supplier/manufacturer until your order is paid in full. We will do our best to make sure that any order you send to us receives our prompt and full attention and will be sent to you in a timely fashion.



Any questions or concerns? Email us at or call at 1-708-337-0472 [please call between 9AM and 5PM CST].


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